New PhD students in the lab

Alberto de Rosa and Samridhi Chaturvedi joined the lab this fall. They are both PhD students. We are very excited to have them here.

Samridhi earned her B.Sc in Chemistry, Botany,  and Zoology from Christ College, Bangalore, India, and then earned her Masters in Applied Microbiology from the Vellore Institute of Technology, India. Her project focused on the genomic basis of Asthma. She then worked at the Indian Institute of Science on molecular phylogenetics of bufonid toads before joining the lab here.

Alberto de Rosa completed his M.Sc in Biodiversity and Evolution from the Università di Bologna in Italy. His thesis was on inter-specific pecking order of mixed groups of birds in semi-natural areas. He has since established an international network of collaborators to investigate the determinants of diversification in island Barn Owls in the Caribbean, with a focus on conservation applications of his research.


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