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Predictable (and unpredictable) evolution in stick insects

Timema cristinae, Ceanothus, PR

Timema cristinae, Ceanothus, PR, photo by Moritz Muschick

Check out our new paper the predictability of morph frequency evolution in Timema cristinae stick insects, which was published this week in Science. Patrik Nosil and I each wrote blog posts on the paper.

For those interested, here is Patrik’s blog post on Eco-Evo Evo-Eco, and my post with Nature E&E’s Behind the Paper.

And for those who want more, here are links to media coverage of the paper, which I will update as necessary.

Comes naturally? Using stick insects to study natural selection, predictability of evolution

¿Cómo de predecible es la evolución?

Nabokov’s Butterflies at USU’s Science Unwrapped


We (Lauren and I) gave a public talk as part of USU’s Science Unwrapped series on the connection between art and science in Vladmir Nabokov’s work as a novelist and systematist and the connection of his work to our own on Lycaeides butterflies. PhD student Amy Springer made a guest appearance as Nabokov and the whole lab was involved in activities related to talk. Check out the full video below, which includes a butterfly release by kids in cages.

Watch the video.



Butterfly release.


Nabokov resurrected getting set up for a camera lucida demonstration.


Lauren leading a wing pattern classification demonstration.


The whole gang.