Monthly Archives: June 2020

New method and software to measure fluctuating selection on polygenic traits

We have new software available to measure selection on polygenic traits based on population-genomic time-series data and a genotype-phenotype map. The method is specifically designed to detect selection that varies in space or time (e.g., because of climatic variation). See our software page or GitHub to access the software. You can read more about the method in our most recent preprint on bioRxiv. Let me know if you have any questions about the method.


Successful MS defense from Alex Rego

Congratulations to Alex Rego for successfully defending his Master’s thesis on the evolutionary dynamics and genetics of adaptation to a marginal host plant by Callosobruchus maculatus.

Rego Defense

Alex has been in the lab since his time as an undergraduate at USU. His thesis work has already resulted in two stellar papers (Rego et al., 2019 and Rego et al. 2020). Alex is now continuous his PhD studies with Rike Stelkens at the University of Stockholm.