Welcome to the homepage for the Gompert research group at Utah State University. Research in the lab addresses fundamental questions in evolutionary genetics. We are particularly interested in the genetic architecture of ecologically important traits, the determinants of genetic variation and molecular evolution in natural populations, and the nature and evolution of species boundaries and barriers to gene flow. Follow the links above to learn more about research in the lab and to access lab publications and software. You can find additional information about joining the lab here, and you can read more about a current, open PhD position in the lab here. You can contact me by e-mail at zach-dot-gompert-at-usu-dot-edu.


To expect that the intricacies of science will be pierced by a careless glance, or the eminences of flame ascended without labour, is to expect a particular privilege, a power denied to the rest of mankind; but to suppose that the maze is inscrutable to diligence, or the heights inaccessible to perseverance, is to submit tamely to the tyranny of fancy, and enchain the mind in voluntary shackles.” (Samuel Johnson, The Rambler, 9 July 1751, quoted from Endler 1986, Natural Selection in the Wild)

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